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About Us

Hype jewellery is an online jewellery brand based in Mumbai, India. We sell pieces of art to all those fashion forward people at affordable prices, our designs are regularly updated to always stay in trend. Our jewellery pieces are carefully hand-crafted by our experts keeping in mind all designs are timeless pieces and built with premium materials.

Our jewellery invisions the fortitude, robustness and positivity that Hype stands for.
We want to be the reason you will be smiling every time you look at your hands or look in a mirror whenever you leave your house. All our products have been designed with months of rigorous R&D to fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable everytime you wear it. Our designs are built in such a way that it complements your personality and makes you happy. Hype believes that if you the customer is happy then our job is successful. Our products are sustainably built, affordable and conflict free, we believe in delivering a high quality product which is pocket friendly for everyone.

Our goal is to put luxury, transparency and responsible sourcing in our utmost priority. We want you to participate in our #giveback journey.

Who said Feeling Good while Doing Good was impossible?

For every purchase that you make with us, we donate a food box amongst the less fortunate. ₹10 per order will also be given to the delivery executives to thank them for their contribution. We believe that everyone deserves a happy life.